“Ou Biah Cuo” Music and Beer Festival.

Into the STREET— Re-definition of local culture in Hualien

From now on, you don’t have to envy people who live in big cities, with free-flow beers and fanciful music festivals. OBC Summer Party is in the HOUSE! The chillest beer and music festival along the Eastern Coast of Taiwan, combined with beautiful nature and various local cultures with icy beers and cool music. What else can you ask for?
OBC Summer Party is held by the local organizations, the music community, the wine-tasting community and a well-known craft beer firm. On 2020-7.25~26, let’s get this party started!
Tired of being a couch potato, doing nothing but video gaming? It’s tie to go OUT and HAVE FUN! Buy yourself a ticket to Hualien, hop on the train and enjoy a picnic holiday on the green grass, listening to all kinds of music, downing free-flow craft beers and eating traditional and fusion Taiwanese cuisines. Great music and chilled beers, sea breeze in your face and blue skies above you, sumptuous food and drinks with friends over happy hours. Isn’t it the best way to spend your summer time? Come to the 2nd OBC Beer and Music Festival this summer and drown yourself in the chillest beer and music festival ever!

Program List.【07/25.07/26】

Time 7/25(Sat.) 7/26(Sun.)
14:00 Ready for the party…
14:30 Opening Band Blackchirld   14:00 Introduction Introduce events and stands  
15:30 Introduction Introduce events and stands 15:00 Band Show 遠媛 & Jemi
15:50 Interactive Games 15:40 Interactive Games
16:00 Experience Activities Making You Own Fruit Wine 16:00 Band Show 王立言
16:30 Game Time Beer Competition 16:40 Game Time Beer Competition
17:00 Star Music Bar 17:00 Star Music Bar
18:00 Band Show DJ Silver 18:00 Band Show 花囍樂團
Rapper HengJones
18:30 戶外星光音樂Bar 草地餐桌派對
19:00 舞台演出 藝人 - Skaraoke

Event location

Hualien Cultural & Creative Industries Park

禁止酒駕 酒後不開車  安全有保障